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Select parameter you want to use

Parameter Description Value
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Parameter is an external configuration of user module. It can be used as name, size, value etc everywhere you see [P] button. Click to toggle help

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Constants can be used as operands in logic, math and comparison operations. Click to toggle help

Name Value
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Name Mapping
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XBD Links:

Internal Direction Registered External Link
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{{InfoService.LookupSignalType(InfoService.SignalType(controllerObj.Name, userModuleObj.Name,getXBDLink(x,i).External))}}
Create local data item and link it to this internal signal Create local data item and link it to this internal signal Create local I\\O item and link it to this internal signal Create local registered I\\O item and link it to this internal signal
Target Source Range (inclusive, from highest to lowest)
From: Down To:
From: Down To:
Name Values

Key, Size (bits): Value, Size (bits):
Name Map Key
Name Width, bits Depth, bits

All content of fields will go straight into final VHDL, only replacement of %PREFIX% will be performed.


List all external libraries that you want to use in this section


Declare all signals that are required for custom VHDL, each signal have to be prefixed in order to avoid name clashes
e.g. signal %PREFIX%CustomSignal : std_logic := '1';


Write custom VHDL code that will be placed in architecture of module. You can access XBD I\O or Data by specifying its name with prefix
e.g. %PREFIX%XBDOutputSignal <= %PREFIX%CustomSignal;
NOTE: It is not recommended to put any logic in here, instead you create external entities and reference them in this section

JSON objects can be used to exchange data between controller and external system e.g. cloud. JSON object is translated into dedicated XBD controller and can be used throughout design. Click to toggle help

Name Mode Transport Object Snapshot Compress Idle Timeout


Name Description Value
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