Meet quokka

Quokka IoT is the first fully integrated FPGA IoT controller. It combines power of FPGA, flexibility of GPIO and connectivity of WiFi. Controller has direct support in online builder so you can start development in no time.

  • University labs
  • Home and idustrial automation
  • Robotics and IoT
  • Prototyping
  • Cyclone IV, 6K logical cells
  • 50MHz board clock
  • iWM021 WiFi module
  • 2x dual channel ADC (3.3V)
  • 2x dual channel DAC (3.3V)
  • H-Bridge for DC motors with support for external power
  • Voltage converters to 1.2V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V
  • 40 GPIO, split into 5 independent banks by 8 pins, with direction and voltage (3.3V or 5V) configuration
  • Input voltage range 5-24V
  • Size 134mm x 63mm

Boot time comparison

Platform Time
Raspebery Pi 3 ~17 sec
Arduino ~17 sec
Raspebery Pi 3 ~17 sec